What will this cost me?

Attorney GLEN A. NORTON ...

What will this cost me? ... Cases are billed by how much attorney time is expensed to resolve the issues. Experts, costs and court fees are also billed to the client when advanced. Cases in our practice usually start at $2,500.00 and range as high as the clients can tolerate before they agree to settle. In cases that are not amicable to settlement, because of the position of the other side, we have some fees shifting tools but they are not always effective. The more issues remain unresolved, and the longer they remain unresolved the more a case can cost. Some issues are also worth more so they are worth fighting for but some are not.

We will charge a security retainer which is deposited into the pooled lawyers trust account and it is used to pay the final billing. You do not get interest on these funds but the Lawyers Trust Account Board does collect the interest. You will receive monthly bills and you need to pay those each month. The first unpaid monthly billing may be the last bill as the firm must take steps to withdraw when it is clear that the client does not intend to pay the bill.

Minnesota Statute 518.14 does allow a married person to ask the court to order his or her spouse to pay some or all of the fees if the one party to the case has no way to pay the fees and the other party to the case has the ability to pay both sides' attorneys fees. The court can also order someone who has taken a position or who has made a claim without legal or factual basis, or who has unreasonably delayed a case.