How to find Glan A Norton Attorney at Law

carlson center

The Law Office of Glen A. Norton

At our Offices...

      Law Office of Glen A. Norton PLLC
      Suite 1077
      601 Carlson Parkway
      Minnetonka, MN 55305

On The Phone...      763-450-6600

On The Web...

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On The Highway...

   -  From the intersection of 394 and 494 proceed west on 394 to the Carlson Parkway Exit ramp.
   -  At the stop light at the top of the ramp go straight across and you will be on our private driveway for the Carlson Towers complex.
   -  Follow that to the Parking Ramp and turn left into the ramp.
   -  Park in any open space. There are Visitor's Spaces for shorter stays here.
   -  On the "C" level enter the building and you will follow our skyway into the building Atrium.
   -  Go to the father building, on the far side of the indoor fountain, which is the 601 building. Take the hallway that leads to the elevators, and go to the Tenth Floor.
   -  Please ask our receptionists to tell us you are here.
   -  If you arrive between 8:00 and 9:00 AM on most weekdays you will hear our live pianist in the atrium. You are welcome to stop and listen.